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      Modern Risk Management Technology to Assess Soft Tissue Damage

      Emerge's proprietary Electrodiagnostic Assessment (EFA) provides objective, evidence-based assessments of an individual's soft tissue functional status. We're a medical technology company that can reduce soft tissue claims costs by 30-60%.

      In the past, soft tissue injuries were challenging to diagnose and treat...

      Emerge's EFA evaluation is designed to objectively identify the location, extent, nature, and age of soft tissue injuries, allowing you to see beyond the surface of an injury to identify and treat the real problem.


      Trusted by Families and Employers alike.

      Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading healthcare cost for employees, their family members, health plans and employers. The system is over prescribing painkillers and elective surgeries, while failing to provide preventative care or non-surgical solutions. Reducing waste and improving outcomes is important for everyone

      How do we do it

      emerge's EFA assessment technology is an FDA-registered CLASS ii MEDICAL DEVICE, DESIGNED TO OBJECTIVEly EVALUATE MUSCLES IN THE NECK, SHOULDER, BACK, AND EXTREMITIES. the assessment is a non-invasive, non-loading diagnostic that utilizes five medically accepted tests:
      • Range of motion
      • Functional assessment (FCE)
      • Pinch strength
      • Grip strength
      • Electromyography (EMG)
      Results Include:
      • Reduction in lost time from work
      • Improved patient care
      • Better quality of life for employees
      • More accurate and focused treatment
      • Dramatic cost savings




      Better information leads to better outcomes

      Our EFA technology is a non-invasive, easy to use and can be employed in a medical office or outpatient setting. It works by detecting multiple muscle activity with range of motion and function. Patients and their medical advisors can now see beyond the surface and better understand the nature of the injury and the best course of action.