About Us

Our Mission

Emerge Diagnostics provides global medical services to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries, helping people get back to work and life faster. 

The company's Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) programs have been used by dozens of the world's largest employers over the past 10 years, enabling dramatically improved outcomes for workplace injuries. Recent enhancements to the program make it possible to deliver the full extent of testing and ongoing monitoring via objective telemedicine evaluations.

Our EFA technology combines five American Medical Association-accepted diagnostic tests into one comprehensive, objective, and reliable test to help patients, employers, and healthcare providers get accurate results and get better faster.

Meet The Team


Bret Oettmeier


Bret spent several years investing in healthcare companies as the President and CEO of Cobalt Ventures (Blue Cross Blue Shield). Prior to Cobalt, Bret was Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development of DST Systems, Inc, a global financial services and healthcare solutions provider. Before joining DST, he was a Vice President at Quadrangle Group LLC, a $3 billion media and telecom focused private equity fund based in New York.


Sheila Harless

Director of Operations

Sheila Harless is director of operations. She was previously head of operations for a neurosurgery practice, where she gained extensive experience in patient triage, insurance reimbursement, workers compensation, and legal support.