Impact on Workers' Compensation

Medical Technology to Drive the Claims Process

A goal of worker's compensation law is to return an injured employee to their pre-injury condition. Until now, employers lacked a medical baseline of an employee's physical medical state prior to employment. The result is that workers' compensation claim assessments assume perfect physical health at the start of employment. Premiums are based on a lagging indicator making companies pay for historical claims and mistakes. Traditional physical medical assessments of a workers' compensation claim often result in incorrect or non-payment of a claim.



Emerge's EFA Technology: Rethinking the Old Model

EFA evaluates employees before and after workplace incidents to help determine if a reported injury arose out of the course and scope of employment.

Emerge's EFA Soft Tissue Management Program provides employers with a nondiscriminatory approach to determine if there is a work-related change in condition within the course and scope of employment.

After performing a baseline test, Emerge will securely store the data, which is not read, interpreted or shared with anyone until there is a work-related incident reported. In the event of a reported incident, the baseline test is then compared to a post-incident test to determine the age of the injury and whether it relates to the reported incident. 



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Reputable and Compliant

Emerge's EFA-STM Program also supports compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), state anti-discrimination laws, and US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations. 


The EFA Test has successfully passed several legal challenges, including acceptance in Federal court under the Daubert standards for admissibility in court.


Post-injury EFA results allow Emerge Diagnostics to provide doctors with valuable assistance, resulting in better diagnosis, prevention of unnecessary surgery, and more targeted treatment recommendations. 


Emerge has partnered with major players in the manufacturing, logistics, defense, and transportation space with clients such as J.B. Hunt.


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