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      ⁠— Case Study ⁠—

      J.B. Hunt

      Reducing Recordable Injury Rates




      Recordable-injury and loss-time have declined by nearly half at major transportation company.


      The Challenge

      J.B. Hunt is a full-service logistics service, employing more than 30,000 people, including approximately 20,000 of whom are truck drivers, all over the United States. Functional capacity testing is common in the industry, and J.B. Hunt needed a reliable pre-employment program to accurately assess candidates as well as to evaluate workplace injuries.


      Our Solution

      Pilot programs began in California and Illinois. “Over a short period it became clear that Emerge Diagnostics was more effective,” says Greer Woodruff, senior vice president of safety, security, and personnel at J.B. Hunt.


      The Outcome

      Supply chain solutions operate on razor-thin thresholds with healthy and capable employees at the heart of getting the essential work done. Both recordable-injury and loss-time have declined by nearly half since implementing Emerge technology. “Many of the claims are for neck, back, or shoulder pain,” Woodruff says. “Emerge allows us to determine whether there is an injury and whether it’s work-related. And if it is a work-related injury, it allows us to get the best medical care available for our employees.” “Emerge assists us in managing the health of our employees and keeping them healthy on the job—which allows us to serve our customers even better,” Woodruff says.

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